The OAthlete program..puts the phrase ‘Data not Drugs’ at the core of the philosophy.
— Bernard Marr, FORBES




There’s a better way forward, a new way forward, and it does not include performance enhancing drugs.
— Sports Illustrated, quoting Sky Christopherson
The OAthlete program puts the phrase ‘Data not Drugs’ at the core of it’s philosophy.
— Bernard Marr, FORBES
I don’t dope because I don’t want to cheat. But you want to use every fair-game device available
— Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Medalist, Front page USA Today
It’s all connected,” said Sky Christopherson...founder of a company that analyses patterns in personal health data.
— Financial Times London, Front Page Feature
You get metabolics and context for all this information, quantifying the athlete in every dimension”
— Wired Magazine quoting Sky Christopherson
Ultimately our goal is to apply these insights to consumers to help with breakthroughs in health and fitness
— Sky Christopherson quoted by The Telegraph UK, Front Page Olympic News
Some people are calling this the ‘Data Olympics’. According to the Financial Times, some device companies are trading athletes devices for data
— CNN 10 Coolest Tech Stories of 2012 London Olympics
These monitors are helping the quest for gold today will one day aid in the fight against diabetes and sleep disorders, or at the very least trickle down to amateur athletes everywhere.
— Gear Patrol, Breakthroughs: 10 Technologies Changing the Olympics
This version of the Optimized Athlete programme is now being honed and advanced by a group of scientific and medical experts
— The Daily Telegraph, Business Technology
Olympic athletes are providing fitness data in exchange for high-tech gadgets.. to help improve their performance
— Daily Mail UK, Front page of 'News' Section
Sky Christopherson speaking at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, Calif, offered a more hopeful perspective; Racers can win with big data analysis instead of performance enhancing drugs.
— Information Week
Medicine is changing rapidly, and entrepreneurs can leverage those changes to improve athletic performance.
— Sky & Tamara Christopherson quoted by San Diego Business Journal
Cycling medalist Dotsie Bausch demonstrates at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 7, 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada
— Front Page of Yahoo Tech